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IROS 2006 solicits proposals for workshops and tutorials to be held one day before and after the main parallel technical sessions of the conference, on October 9th and 13th, 2006. An IROS workshop should focus on an area of active research to provide an informal forum for participants to exchange their developing research results and ideas. A tutorial should target an established field of research and provide descriptions on its state of the art, by individuals who are recognized researchers of the field. All workshop/tutorial proposals will be reviewed by the IROS 2006 Workshop/Tutorial Chairs, and the accepted proposals will become part of the IROS 2006 technical program.


  Submission of proposals for
March 1, 2006  
  Notification of
acceptance results
April 15, 2006  
  Deadline for
workshop/tutorial webpages
May 15, 2006  
  Deadline for
workshop/tutorial notes
Sept. 15, 2006  
IROS 2006
Oct. 9-13, 2006  
  Proposal Submission Procedure   Responsibility of the W/T Organizers and IROS 2006  

The proposal for an IROS 2006 tutorial or workshop in PDF must be received via e-mail by the IROS 2006 Workshop/Tutorial Chair, Prof. Hong Zhang, at , before the due date of March 1, 2006. Each proposal must have no more than two pages in length and must contain the following information:

1. Title of the workshop/tutorial.
2. Tutorial organizer(s) and organizer contact information (affiliation, e-mail, phone number, fax number, webpage, address).
3. Abstract of no more than 500 words, to describe the scope of the workshop/tutorial, goals to be accomplished, technical issues to focus on, etc., with specific references to the areas of interest to the IROS community.
4. Length of the workshop/tutorial (half-day or full-day).
5. List of organizing/program committee members, for a workshop proposal.
6. List of speakers, their affiliations, and webpages (if any), for a tutorial proposal.


Workshop/tutorial organizers are responsible for:

* Producing a "Call for Papers" (for a workshop) and a webpage (for both workshops and tutorials), no later than May 15, 2006.
* Providing a brief description of the workshop for the conference program.
* Selecting submitted papers in the case of a workshop.
* Scheduling workshop activities in collaboration with the local organizers, the program chair, and the workshops/tutorials chair.
* Providing notes/papers (either hard copy or electronic copy), to be duplicated for the workshops and tutorials (up to a maximum of 200 pages).
by September 15, 2006. (IROS 2006 will not be able to assist in duplication if we fail to receive the master copy by the deadline.)

IROS 2006 will be responsible for providing the following:

* Publicity for the workshops/tutorials.
* Registration for the workshops/tutorials.
* Logistics support and meeting facilities.
* Duplication of notes/papers as described above and distributing them to the participants.
* Audio/visual equipment within the meeting facilities.


Review Procedure and Selection Criteria

  Additional Notes  

Each submitted proposal will be reviewed by the IROS tutorials/workshops chairs and possibly by independent external reviewers. Acceptance of a proposal will be based on the quality of the proposal, the qualification of the organizers, taking into account the perceived interest of the community and the availability of the conference venue. The result will be communicated to the organizers no later than April 15, 2006.



* IROS 2006 reserves the right to cancel a workshop/tutorial due to low enrollment rate and/or unforeseen circumstances.
* An individual cannot register for a workshop/tutorial without registering for the conference.
* IROS 2006 will reimburse the organizers for the expenses incurred in duplicating the workshop tutorial notes if the organizers choose or have to do it themselves. IROS 2006 will not be responsible for any other workshop/tutorial related expenses (such as travel, accommodation, honorarium, etc.).
* The organizers and IROS 2006 will share the net surplus, if any, that results from organizing a workshop/tutorial, in a way similar to past IROS practices. For details, please consult the W/T Chair.